It's The Landing That Counts

It's The Landing That Counts: How To Find Peace Happiness And Prosperity When Your Life Falls Apart

It's The Landing That Counts:
How To Find Peace, Happiness And Prosperity When Your Life Falls Apart

By Margot Micallef & Warren Broad

Finding peace, happiness, and prosperity when your life falls apart.

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"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face" - Mike Tyson

If you've ever been "punched in the face" emotionally, spiritually or financially then you likely know the painful feeling of uncertainty and fear, which follow. How can it be that, moments before, your life seemed to have a clear and defined plan, but now it feels uncertain, terrifying, and upside down.

You don't know how you're going to move forward. You feel sick to your stomach. You are in a Free Fall.


Through their own journey from free fall to landing with their lives back on track, the authors guide you to reclaiming your life.

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About Margot Micallef

Margot M. Micallef, Q.C. is the President of Oliver Capital Partners, a company she founded in 2003 to invest in private companies looking for expansion capital or an outright sale. Since its inception Oliver Capital Partners has directly and indirectly invested in a number of diverse businesses including: broadcasting, publishing, food manufacturing and real estate and manages the franchise development rights for a number of well known quick service restaurant brands including Subway and Taco del Mar. Under Margot's leadership Oliver has returned up to 400% ROI to investors.

Margot lives in Calgary, Alberta and is the proud mother of Christopher (who is now also her business partner). She enjoys the outdoors, including skiing, cycling, running and chasing cows on horse-back at her beloved ranch in British Columbia. Margot has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and was named by the Women's Executive Network as one of Canada's 100 most powerful women in 2011 and by the Canadian Women in Communications as the 2013 Woman of the Year.

She is the co-author of a book called It's the Landing that Counts which seeks to empower those who have suffered adversity or who need inspiration to move forward towards finding Peace, Happiness and Prosperity.

You can connect with her on Twitter at @MargotMicallef or at @landingcounts.

Margot Micallef

About Warren Broad

Warren Broad is a clinical Hypnotherapist, life coach, and addictions specialist. Also a now retired fireman. Warren began his counselling career, as a group home worker, working with displaced youth and foster children. Warren's education is extensive, holding multiple diplomas in adult psychology, clinical hypnosis, an honors diploma in addictions counselling, and certified coach. Warren continues to add to his education annually. Warren is also the creator of the Recovery In The Now Program, a coaching and support program for those suffering with addictions and compulsions. Warren has also co-authored in the bestselling book "Living Without Limitations", and the "I am Anthology Love Wisdom and Guidance Through Soul Reflection" which continues to inspire others to break through their perceived limits and live the life they want.

Warren lives 2 hours north of Toronto Ontario Canada with his wife, son, and 3 rescued dogs. From there Warren runs his in person and online coaching and counselling practice. Warren is also often found on the tennis court, and volunteering in many local organizations. Warren's passion for helping individuals through their challenges is endless. Feel free to reach out and connect with Warren directly through his website or email at or his Facebook following LinkedIn

Warren Broad

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