How to let go and release yourself from the past


How to let go and release yourself from the past

Life has a way of bringing the past with it. The harder we attempt to forget our past the more it fights to stay with us. Unfortunately, traumatic experiences happen in all of our lives, whether we lose a loved one to death, experience a divorce, or become a victim of a crime there is always something we wish we could forget. However, there is a way to combat the symptoms and emotions that go along with traumatic events. In this article we will discuss four ways you can learn how to let go of the past releasing your soul from its current bondage.

Accept that it is the end.

Part of moving forward is accepting that the past is over. Life is a series of transitions, and it is up to us to move forward into the future without looking back. If you have recently experienced a divorce, it can be difficult to let go and accept that your marriage is over. However, in order for you to heal your mind, body and soul you must accept the situation for what it is and realize that there is no going back to the way things once were. Acceptance is the first key in releasing yourself from the past and anything traumatic that you may have experienced. This rule also applies to the death of a loved one. Many people are consumed by guilt after their loved one passes away and subconsciously feel that it is disrespectful to go on living as if everything is normal. But in reality, this is likely what your loved one wanted. You cannot stay stuck in the past, you must transition into the future.

Realize you are not your past.

Human beings have a tendency to believe that they are their past and that the past defines the future, but this simply is not true. If you have experienced a traumatic event, whether it be a divorce or the loss of a loved one, you can move past it successfully. It is important to understand that you are not what has happened to you. In fact, you can be as strong and as resilient as you choose to be. Once you can accept that what happened in the past doesn’t have to affect the future you can move past it and build a new life.

Learn to be grateful.

Just because something bad happened doesn’t mean you need to focus all of your energy thinking about it. The cure to depression and overcoming the past is learning to be grateful for the present. Gratitude is the core value that all other values stem from, for without gratitude you cannot be happy. If you have lost a loved one or have experienced a divorce, be grateful for the time you had with that person and cherish the memories, but do not let them consume you. Appreciate what you have now and open your eyes to what might be waiting in the future through gratuity.

Embrace the future.

Embracing the future is the final step in letting go. Once you truly realize that the past is gone, accept that as a fact, and are grateful for what you have had you can then embrace the future. Say yes to more activities and broaden your horizons. This will allow you to live in the present and embrace what the future holds.

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How forgiveness can help us grow


How forgiveness can help us grow.

As we go through life, we will experience negative things done to us by others. As children, we see the good in everyone and are quick to forgive others. Over time, we experience more and more trauma at the hands of people who claim to love us and so we learn to hold a grudge and use it as a defense mechanism. The only problem with this strategy is that it tends to isolate. We become cold and callous, and have a hard time trusting other people. But all hope is not lost. Through forgiveness, we can attain that childlike selfless love once again.

The definition of forgiveness is: A powerful choice each one of us can make to increase the greater well-being of our relationships. It is a letting go of the past.

What forgiveness is not.

There is quite a bit of confusion regarding what forgiveness is and what it is not. For the sake of argument, we will begin our discussion by defining what forgiveness is not. It is easy to believe that forgiveness is based off of the actions that another person takes. For example, many individuals will not forgive until the other person asks for forgiveness. Regardless of the situation, that individual believes that they are right and that no forgiveness should not be offered until the other person admits their wrongdoing. However, this is not a healthy definition of forgiveness. In fact, this is retaliation and resentment to a T.

Forgiveness is also not forgetting. Many of us were raised to believe that you forgive and forget, but these two have nothing to do with one another. There is nothing wrong with remembering the wrongdoing, reflecting on it, and making different decisions based off of what has happened. In other words, forgetting is not a necessity to forgiveness. What is necessary is to be able to remember what has happened without feeling any resentment regarding the situation.

Forgiveness of oneself.

If you are like the majority of human beings on this planet, than you have at one time or another done something to harm another person or even yourself. Once this happens, you can become consumed by guilt and carry with you low self-esteem for the rest of your life if you are not careful. But you can forgive yourself by accepting that you cannot change what has happened in the past, and by improving who you are today.

How forgiveness can help us grow

In reality, forgiveness is something we do for ourselves, not something we do for someone else. For this reason, it is not always necessary to vocalize forgiveness. True forgiveness can be done in the heart and in the mind without any need for recognition. Anger and resentment way heavy on the heart, mind and soul and can prevent us from accomplishing our goals. Forgiveness on the other hand, can free us from the past and from the burdens that come along with life. It can lift us up and allow us to be happy.

Free yourself from the past, embrace the future, and love yourself once again by forgiveness. There is no limit to whom you can be and what you can accomplish, all you have to do is forgive yourself.

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The Amazing Benefits Of Visualization And Meditation


Visualization and Meditation Benefits
In our new age, mediation and visualization are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. Just like the physical body, the spiritual mind and soul needs attention to perform at peak levels. Meditation and visualization are two specific ways to nourish the soul and mind. If you have ever wondered how meditation and visualization can help you get clearer about what you want or how they can help your physical health, then consider the following information on these two internal health techniques. And if you’d like to experience a guided meditation yourself you can download our free audio program right here (worth $97).
Why Practice Meditation and Visualization?
If you have never meditated or specifically visualized yourself in a better state than you are in now, then you may be wondering why you need to practice this mental exercise. However, new research is proving that there are tremendous benefits to meditation, and not all of them are related to the mind. Surprisingly, meditation coupled with visualization can actually help heal the physical body. It turns out that our minds require a certain type of stimulation in order to stay focused and mentally sharp. Our modern hectic lifestyle makes meditation more important than it ever was. In fact, each act comes with its own specific benefits. Read on to learn more about these benefits.
Benefits of Visualizations
It has been discovered by several notable university studies, that visualization can physically impact your body. The body responds to the commands the mind gives it, and when you practice visualization on a regular basis you train your body to believe whatever it is you would like to change. For example, if you have chronic pain or suffer from depression and anxiety you can dramatically change your mental state by practicing meditation with visualization. Visualizing yourself in a calm, peaceful state causes the body to believe that you are in fact calm. It also transforms the physical sensations that cause panic attacks and depression. This is because meditation releases different hormones and chemicals in the brain that help it relax.
Other benefits of visualizations include the following:
• Increasing immunity resistance
• Insomnia relief
• Alleviation of chronic headaches
• Strengthens communication between mind and body
• Improves mental clarity
• Builds self confidence
• Makes the brain more powerful
Benefits of Meditation
Meditation is not the same thing as visualization. In fact, it is the process used to begin visualization. Meditation is a quieting of the mind, a healing of the soul, and an in-depth process that reveals your mental strengths and weaknesses. Whether you know it or not, you’ve likely practiced a form of meditation in your life. Day dreaming can be considered a form of meditation wherein your mind wanders on its own with no direction from you. However, the type of meditation we are referring to involves specific conscience effort on your part. You have to direct your mind to the place you want it to go. Usually this involves staying in the present fully without any outside distractions. The easiest way to start meditation is through a guided meditation. You can get access to a free guided meditation right here. Benefits of meditation include the following:
• Reduced blood pressure
• Increased circulation
• More disease fighting cells found in the blood
• Emotional balance
• Increase fertility
• Reduced inflammation
• Promotes peace in daily life

If you need more information to help motivate you to begin meditating and visualization then consider the follow three keys and benefits of these two ancient mindful techniques.
1. Meditation and visualization empowers the mind to overcome limiting beliefs.
2. Meditation and visualization improve your mental and physical health.
3. Meditation and visualization have the power to transform your life.
Choose to give your mind and body what it so badly needs and indulge yourself in an activity that is free of charge for everyone. Start your meditation and visualization practice today and reap the numerous benefits!